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Fire Doors have been providing protection of spaces for over a century.

Fire door

At the time, a mechanical release upon the melting of a lead fusible link would close the door to the floor. Today, the improvements in the Life-Safety aspects of Fire Doors provide a range of Auto-test functions for manually or electrically operated product.

One tenet about Fire Doors that remain unchanged over time is the requirement that the doors be drop-tested annually. Use a professional, IDEA certified Fire Door Technician to certify your Fire Door. Certified fire door technicians are your key when seeking professional advice, installation, service or testing.


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    Jackshaft (style depending on mfr testing)Mounting (face of coil)Mounting (wall)Mounting (top of hood)Voltage and phase (115v, 1 phase)Voltage and phase (230v, 1 phase)Voltage and phase (208v, 3 phase)Voltage and phase (460v, 3 phase)Keyless entry padContact reverse for bottom of doorEmergency chain hoist in case of power failureTransmitter (Visor - Standard)Transmitter (Visor - Mini)Transmitter (Keychain - Mini)Not sure
    Jamb seals (brush)Header seal (brush)Hood baffle

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