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Fire Doors have been providing protection of spaces for over a century.

Fire door

It’s estimated that in 2020, almost 26,000 wildfires burned down 9.5 million acres of land in the American West, with California topping the list with well over 2 million properties placed at risk. Security and safety matter to your business, your employees and your customers.  

How can you help protect your business from a fire? Many steps can be taken, one of which is installing a fire door.

What is a Fire Door?

Fire doors come in many shapes and sizes and are used in residential as well as commercial spaces to stop or slow the spread of fire. These doors are generally made from a combination of fire-resistant metals including steel, gypsum, and aluminum and roll up and down.

In the past, the mechanical release upon the melting of a lead fusible link would seal the door to the floor. With modern fire doors, improvements in life safety now provides a wide range of auto-test functions for a manually or electronically operated product. Industrial strength and strategically designed to quickly contain a fire, these doors can be capable of lasting hours while exposed to flames and burning heat.

How Does a Fire Door Work?

A commercial fire door has an automatic closure mechanism that jumps into action and closes the door when the temperature reaches a certain level. This takes oxygen away from the fire, helping to slow it down if the fire is burning inside the building, and it also prevents any fire from getting inside if the fire is outside. This comes with numerous benefits.

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What are the Benefits of a Commercial Fire Door?

Increased Security

Fire doors need to be drop-tested annually and can improve the security of your building. The immediate and automatic reaction of the doors to heat means that, even if no one is around yet the door has been left open for a moment, any fire present has a chance of being better contained. You have the opportunity to protect your workforce and physical assets, reducing any damage.

Improved Safety

Everyone deserves to have a safe work environment and fire door installation can be integral to this. You can rest assured that your employees and anyone on the premises of your business is in an environment with added fire protection, which is a benefit to both you and your neighbors.

What Businesses Can Benefit from a Fire Door?

International fire and building codes require certain types of buildings to have fire doors in place. Businesses that can benefit from using fire doors include:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Auto garages/repair shops
  • Warehousing
  • Storage facilities

Any business that has a garage door entry at some point can benefit from installing and maintaining working fire doors for everyone’s benefit.

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Use a professional, IDEA-certified Fire Door Technician to certify your Fire Door. Certified fire door technicians are your key when seeking professional advice, installation, service or testing.

At The Door Company, our highly certified and professional team is here for you. Contact us now for fire door testing, installation, and fire door repair and stay protected! 

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