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Our selection of residential garage doors include steel carriage, aluminum and glass, wood, and trackless

We carry a large variety of residential garage doors ranging from entry-level steel carriage doors and roll-up garage doors to top-of-the-line trackless and aluminum products. Choose from our wide selection of residential garage doors, or contact us today and we can create a fully custom garage door that will improve the design of your home!

“If you’re looking for a new garage door, we have many options in a variety of eye-catching colors and quality materials. The industry has gotten so advanced that garage doors can now be a focal point of the home.”
– TDC Founder and President, Mark Stuenkel

Residential Garage Doors: Did You Know?

Installing a new residential garage door is the #1 home improvement project in terms of ROI. Did you expect that? We did! Your garage door has many important roles that often go unnoticed including keeping your home energy efficient, protecting the inside of your home, and deterring burglars. That being said, the reason that your garage door is the number one home project investment at 97.5% ROI is due to one main thing: curb appeal.

The structure of a house is its true value, but sometimes a beautiful exterior can tempt any prospective buyer. Residential garage doors impact the overall look of the exterior of your home. First impressions are everything. An ugly exterior of a house would need an interior that really blows someone away to get past that first impression. Starting off with a “wow moment” can put every prospective buyer in the palm of your hands and a new garage door can help with that.

Regardless of why you would like to purchase a new garage door, The Door Company is here for you. Check out our vast selection!