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Protecting your commercial assets is integral to your business success. From security systems to surveillance cameras and locked gates, asset protection can take many forms. One of the most essential forms of safeguarding comes via hollow metal doors placed throughout your building. You may have seen hollow metal doors in the hallways of schools, in commercial businesses, museums, churches, and more.

What is a Hollow Metal Door?

Commercial-use hollow metal doors are constructed using a steel frame and have steel panels laminated to both sides. Typically, these doors are made from channel reinforced steel sheets and they actually do have something inside them, although it’s not solid steel. 

Commercial steel doors often come with insulating materials on the interior such as polyurethane, polystyrene, or kraft honeycomb packed in between the panels. This adds durability and means that your doors can last a long time and resist wear and tear, making them a great investment. 

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How Can a Metal Door Protect Your Business?

Hollow metal doors can protect your business from many things. These include:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Excessive noise
  • Weather
  • And More!

While a thief may still break in via a window or break a lock, a hollow metal door can help deter them from breaking down the actual door to get in. These doors are generally resistant to dents, dings, cracking and are quite difficult to penetrate.

This type of door placed throughout your building can also add fire protection. Commercial steel doors are fire-resistant and can help stop flames from spreading from one section of a building to the next as they don’t readily ignite. By keeping the commercial steel doors closed but unlocked, your hollow metal doors can provide essential protection in a fire. 

Finally, commercial steel doors offer a degree of sound protection and are resistant to extreme cold and heat, making them ideal for all climates.

Types of Hollow Metal Doors

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to finding the right commercial steel and stainless steel doors for your needs. This includes:

  • Flush commercial steel doors
  • Paneled hollow metal doors
  • Hollow metal doors with windows
  • Graintech

Do you need light to shine through? Are you looking for the warmer indoor aesthetic provided by paneling? Commercial steel doors do look like those you find in public institutions and they can also come in the form of a fashionable front door and some even mimic the appearance of wood.  

We have your security in mind. All products we supply at The Door Company are made to meet USDA requirements and standards for your safety.  At The Door Company, we offer exceptional products and services. Our hollow metal door installations and commercial steel door repairs are done by fully trained IDEA technicians and our team of experts.

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