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There are 314.2 burglary incidents reported per 100,000 inhabitants every year. Gate access controls are among the most effective safety solutions you can consider; if you don’t want to be part of the statistics.

What Are Gate Access Controls?

Not everyone is a wanted guest in your home or business. Gate access controls help secure your perimeter against unauthorized entry at all times.

Most gate access control systems integrate a multi-layered security strategy limiting any possible manipulation of gates or perimeter installations in your home. You can now go around your routine activities during the day without worrying about the probable intrusion.

How Do Gate Access Controls Work?

Most gate access controls utilize an IP network or an access control server. First, qualified garage door and driveway gate systems installers install electronic locks on your gate. Then the electronically-locked gate is connected to the server.

Automated gates may either be hardwired or wireless. The system is then programmed to respond to commands. An automated gate can only take authorized cellular signals to open or close these gates once the installation is complete.

The Benefits of Gate Access Controls

The automation of your gate access system comes with a number of benefits. Here’s a summary of why you may need to consider this option.

    1. Enhanced Security

      • Only about 25% of American homeowners have installed home security systems. The safety of your property and those within it should always be a priority. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, opting for gate access controls helps you achieve this all-important objective.
    2. Add Value to Your Home

      • Most buyers consider correctly installed security gates as a plus when shopping for a home. Your home’s property value and overall curb appeal improve when you have a properly installed gate control system. You should consider such a selling point if you harbor resale plans for the home.
    3. Monitor Admittance and Exit

      • Keeping records of those entering and leaving your property can be critical to security and peace of mind. With most gate access controls, it’s easy to track information for all the entries and exits in a day. All you need is to review the server’s history to extract any data you might need. Constant assessment is important in case you might need to replay events following an incident within the compound.
    4. Keep Minors and Pets Safe

      • For residential properties, your outdoor environment should be safe enough for children and pets. Where other types of controls may fail, gate access controls help keep children and pets within the perimeter at all times. This is a bonus benefit that every homeowner with children in their early years should consider.

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The efficiency of gate access control systems depends on two critical factors; installation and maintenance. At The Door Company, we can take care of both and more. Our expertly trained technicians and installers are always here to ensure that you have the right gate access controls for your property.

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