High Speed Garage Door for Your Application

TDC can provide you with the exact product for your needs.

TDC helps agricultural, food processing, material handling and other businesses deal with their needs for high speed garage door products. Not every high speed product is right for your application.

Contact TDC and we will be your partner from an informed decision to the installed product. Certified technicians are your key to a great project.


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    Vision panel - clear vinylMesh panel as window(s)Mesh panel full widthVinyl curtainMulti-filament curtain - 2 plyMulti-filament curtain - 3 plyRubberNot sure
    Pull cord activationLoop activationSensor presence activationSensor presence detection (safety) to delay activationVoltage and phase (115v, 1 phase)Voltage and phase (230v, 1 phase)Voltage and phase (208v, 3 phase)Voltage and phase (460v, 3 phase)Keyless entry padContact reverse for bottom of doorPull cord operationTransmitter (Visor - Standard)Transmitter (Visor - Mini)Transmitter (Keychain - Mini)Not sure

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