5 Common Garage Door Problems And Solutions

5 Common Garage Door Problems And Solutions

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The Door Company (TDC), California’s garage door installation and repair specialists, want to help homeowners anticipate the most common garage door problems in an effort to ward off problems in advance and be ready with solutions.

“When your garage door suddenly stops operating, the reason can usually be identified quickly, and the remedy could be easy,” said TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel. “Here are the most common garage door problems, along with the most likely repairs and pre-emptive maintenance routines:”

Worn-out garage door springs

Garage door torsion springs are the most common part of breaking on a garage door because they wear out over time. The springs are typically designed for only 10,000 cycles, so it depends on how often you open and close the door. When your springs wear out, replacing them is not a DIY-friendly repair; contact a garage door specialist for a thorough inspection. Please note that broken springs are easy to spot…there will be a noticeable gap in the spring.

The noisy garage door hinges

Lubricate semi-annually using lubricants available from TDC (ship to you or purchase at one of our locations). Order some today.

Worn-out garage door weatherstripping

The rubber weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door helps seal and insulate your garage, as well as keep out water, dirt, leaves, and insects. Over time, however, the weatherstripping can wear out. Luckily, garage door weatherstripping is easy to replace; slide a new strip into the groove at the bottom of the door.

The automatic garage door opener not working

If your opener runs but doesn’t move the door, either a chain sprocket is bad or your traveler is not reconnected from a release.

The garage door remote controller not working

If the garage door won’t open or close via remote control, there are several possible solutions:

  1. Move closer to the door since you might be out of range, or your transmitter battery may be weak.
  2. Make sure that the antenna on the motor unit is hanging down.
  3. If the door functions fine with the wall switch, replace the battery in the remote.
  4. Reprogram the remote.

“For adjustments and repairs that aren’t self-evident, I recommend contacting a professional service company like TDC,” said Stuenkel. “We can service any residential or commercial garage door or gate system within the state of California and Oregon. Our experienced IDEA-certified garage door technicians will get your equipment back up and running in no time.”

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