Benefits and Features of Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

Benefits and Features of Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

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If you need a new garage door, you may be wondering what the potential impact would be if you choose to get a replacement. As you scour the internet for answers and look for eco-friendly options, you may be wondering if there’s a way to make a switch without increasing your carbon footprint. Before you panic or feel like you’re all out of options, we’re here to let you know there are high-quality, durable solutions on the market that are eco-friendly and energy sufficient.

Here’s everything you need to know to help you make informed choices about your garage door that are good for you and the environment.

Let’s dive in.

What Makes a Garage Door Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly garage doors are typically made with eco-friendly materials with little to no environmental impact. However, materials aren’t the only thing that can make a garage door eco-friendly. Well-made, durable designs can also be considered sustainable because they’re built to last and hardly need to be replaced.

As you look for ways to go green and invest in a higher-quality option for your home, there are a few things you’ll want to consider if you want to take an eco-friendly approach.

The Material

When you think eco-friendly, your mind may go straight to wood. Wood garage doors are sometimes sustainably sourced and can be a great long-term solution for individuals looking to add a natural look and feel to their home.

Keep in mind: Real wood garage doors will require more maintenance to ensure you preserve the look and feel of your garage doors over time.

Another option would be a composite door. These are a lighter-weight, inexpensive option that doesn’t last as long as a wooden door but requires less ongoing maintenance.

If the wood or composite garage door look doesn’t match your home’s aesthetic, other options are also considered sustainable. For example, aluminum and stamped steel can be high-quality options that last just as long as wood garage doors. In fact, aluminum and stamped steel materials can last up to 30 years! That means you don’t need to worry about unwanted waste or dispose of your garage door often.

Energy Efficiency

Your garage door is arguably the largest opening in your house. This means it also dissipates the most heat. It also causes cold air to naturally seep from your home, inevitably causing your furnace to work harder than you want. This can majorly impact your electricity bill and cause you to run your AC or heater longer than you desire.

If you want to make your home more energy efficient with your garage door, you’ll want to look for one with sufficient insulation. The more cold you can keep out of your garage and the more heat you can retain, the more energy efficient your home will be.

Good insulation will reduce energy consumption and reduce the amount of air your home releases. Insulation is measured by U-values and R-values. Garage doors with good insulation have a high R-value and a low U-value.

Quality and Longevity of the Product

If your garage door is built to last, you won’t need to buy another one anytime soon. This inevitably reduces your environmental impact and means you don’t need to worry about contributing to the consumption of resources and energy required to create a new door. With that in mind, durability can be just as cost-efficient as it is eco-friendly.

Looking for a timeless classic that’s built to last? Consider the steel carriage garage door. It’s affordable, durable, and completely insulated. The modern doors will help you maintain an optimal temperature in your home, reduce your electricity bill, and provide you with the high-quality durable design you need.

If you want to increase the longevity of your garage door, you’ll want to go through the proper maintenance every year. You can also get your garage door serviced every year by a garage door professional, so they can tackle any issues before they become a bigger problem.

Recycle Your Old Garage Door

If you need to replace your garage door, there are ways to sustainably repurpose or recycle your old one. To recycle your old garage door, we recommend reaching out to your local garage door company or researching businesses in your area that recycle garage door parts to find the best option for you.

Responsible Manufacturers

Manufacturing wood, steel, or aluminum is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is many manufacturers look for ways to use recycled aluminum and steel materials to craft durable garage doors for your home.

This is important because it takes less than 95% less energy to recycle aluminum and 60% less to recycle steel than it does to make it from raw materials.

If you’re serious about finding a sustainable approach to a garage door, do your research and look for manufacturers with specific recycling standards.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors With the Door Company

Being more mindful about the purchases you make can have a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re ready to find a sustainable option that’s built to last for years to come, you’ve come to the right place.

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