Consumer Alert: Emergency Garage Door Repair Scam

Consumer Alert: Emergency Garage Door Repair Scam

If your garage door breaks down, it’s very important to get it fixed quickly for the safety of your loved ones and the security of your home. Over the past few years, there have been a large number of reports concerning garage door scams where someone schedules an appointment with a fake company which then significantly overcharges for unnecessary parts and services.

In response to this consumer alert, garage door trade associations including the International Door Association (IDA) and the Doors and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) have put out multiple videos that inform you on the scam, then tell you how to identify the marketing and identify the scammers.

If the company asks for money upfront or for you to pay in cash, beware of them.

The Emergency Garage Door Repair Scam

These scammers aren’t just walking around and knocking on doors. They are developing websites and advertising their services like any legitimate business. There are ways to identify these fake businesses by looking at their advertising, checking their website and calling the company up by phone. View the following video for more specific information.

Make sure that the garage door business you choose is accredited by IDA or IDEA legitimately before booking an appointment. If you aren’t sure, call the company directly. There are certain ways that these scammers have to act on the phone in order to get your business. View the video below for more information on how to identify a scammer by talking to them over the phone.

On-Site Service

These scammers are very smart. Most of their information will line up, but if you take the above videos into consideration, you should be able to spot them. If not, when they get to your home, make sure that you ask for a written estimate and an explanation of the services provided before they begin their work. You should receive a valid invoice and any warranties associated with the new installed parts. If the company asks for money upfront or for you to pay in cash, beware of them.

Avoid Scams- Go with the Door Company

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