Improve Your Home’s IQ with a Smart Garage Door Opener

Improve Your Home’s IQ with a Smart Garage Door Opener

The days when a garage door opener simply opens and closes your garage door are past. Today, a smart garage door opener is a must-have investment for any homeowner who desires to turn their house into a “smart home.”

The Door Company (TDC), California’s garage door installation and repair specialists, has been providing homeowners with garage door products and service in Northern California for nearly 30 years, and can help guide customers to the appropriate smart garage door opener for their need.
“Smart openers offer increased safety and convenience, providing for peace of mind,” said TDC President Mark Stuenkel. “A smart opener can make your life easier and your home safer.”
The benefits of smart enabled garage openers include:

Remote entry

Did your teenager forget the house key? Does a trusted neighbor have an emergency and need to borrow a tool before you get home? Is a visiting friend arriving earlier than expected? One of the most important benefits of a smart garage door opener is the ability to open and close the door from almost anywhere.

Enhanced security

In addition to letting people into the garage, a smart garage door opener can keep people out. By using the smartphone app, you can control your smart garage door opener from anywhere to check if you accidently left it open on your way out and then close it with the push of a button. A smart opener can also notify you if it detects suspicious activity.

Peace of mind

A smart garage door opener gives busy people one less thing to worry about, especially since it can be set to automatically close the door if it is accidently left open. You also don’t have to keep a spare garage door remote in the car, or worry about learning how to program your car’s built-in remote. All you have to do is downloading the app on your phone.

“A smart garage door opener is a smart investment to ensure your home’s security and convenience. And the smart openers offered by TDC come with a lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty, which helps protect your investment,” said Stuenkel.

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