Is My Garage a Danger to My Car?

Is My Garage a Danger to My Car?

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For those who use the garage to park your car, you may have found yourself finding dings, dents and other maladies as you walk to your car in the morning. If this is a common occurrence for you, then the state of your garage may be putting your car in “danger”. In this blog, we identify some items that can be a danger to your car and some ways to prevent damage.

A Cluttered Garage

An unorganized and cluttered garage is not a good garage for your car to live in. Not only could you dent and ding your car on protruding debris, but you could accidentally run over your storage items. Organize your garage items into neat areas that do not extend into the parking area. If there is anything on high shelves, make sure they are secure so that they don’t fall on top of you or your car.

Not Knowing Where to Stop Your Car

Without a marker to tell you when your car is perfectly parked in the garage, you run the risk of damaging your car on your storage items, walls and the garage door itself. A common marker people use is a tennis ball. Identify where your car fits perfectly and hang a string from the ceiling with a tennis ball attached to it. You will know when your car is perfectly in your garage when the ball lightly bumps your windshield.

Others have used a laser pointer in the same position as the string. You could also use tire cradles which you may have seen at your local mechanic shop. It allows your tires to sit in a “cradle” keeping your car in the right spot.

If you are not sure if your weather seal on your garage door is in top condition, contact your local garage door company to do an assessment.

Car Door Damage

Even with an organized garage, you could accidentally ding your car door. To prevent this from happening, you can stick foam pool noodles along the walls where you typically exit your vehicle. It is a simple, cheap and effective option to reduce any damage to your car and the wall/storage.


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If the weather stripping on your garage door is broken, small rodents and other animals could get in and wreak havoc on your car and belongings. Holes the size of a nickel could be enough to have a critter doing damage to your stored boxes and even the wirings of your car. Make sure your garage and garage door have no holes or weak points to keep your garage safe from animals. If you are not sure if your weather seal is in top condition, contact your local garage door company to do an assessment.

Give Your Garage a Little “Me Time”

Your garage is usually the lowest priority on the home improvement scale. Many use it for storage and aren’t interested in making it as clean and organized as the other rooms in their house. However, our car is a prized, frequently used possession that may benefit from an improved garage layout. The garage door is a great place to start your garage renovation. If your garage door doesn’t look stable, is loud or if the weather stripping is wearing down, give us The Door Company a call.

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