Should I Insulate My Garage?

Should I Insulate My Garage?

insulating the garage

Many treat their garage as the outcast of their home typically choosing not to finish the room with paint or drywall. It is typically where we store the items that we simply don’t know what to do with. We don’t always think about painting it, making it nice or even adding insulation. However, there can be benefits to insulating your garage. In this blog we help answer the question, “Should I insulate my garage?”

Temperature Extremes Can Get to You

California is known for its mild weather most of the year. However, summers can get to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winters can drop temperatures into the high 30’s. A non-insulated garage will expose you, your home and your stored items to those temperatures. Stepping out of your warm home into a garage that is 30 degrees cooler can get old fast.

During the summer, humidity can build up exposing your garage storage to condensation. That moisture could begin to rust metal and form mold on your belongings. With insulation, this is not an issue.

Garage Door for Insulation

If you decide to go all in on insulation, consider an insulated garage door to complete the project. Remember, garage doors are the number one home renovation project in terms of ROI.

The Energy Saving Are Real

If you are one that uses their garage for their laundry room, stores a second refrigerator there or simply uses the space on a daily basis, you might be exposing your home to higher energy costs. Depending on the weather, there could be a 30-degree difference between your home and your garage. Every time you open the interior door to your garage, that heating or air conditioning escapes causing your ac to work harder. Over time, your energy bill will go up.

Adding insulation to your garage helps regulate the temperature inside your garage and lessens its impact on your energy use and your residential air conditioning system.

Reduce Noise Pollution

From children playing outside to neighbors doing yard work, there is no shortage of noise-related nuisances that you have to deal with. You can’t get rid of the noise completely, but insulating your garage can help turn the volume down a few notches.

That barrier also pertains to the garage door itself. Garage doors can be terribly loud and boisterous. I liken it to the sound of dial-up internet from the 90’s- annoying, but necessary. Many who insulate their garage will mention that the sound of their garage door is much more palatable.

So, Should You Insulate Your Garage?

Even though we outline three distinct benefits to insulating your garage, it really is up to your preferences. If you decide to go all-in on insulation, consider an insulated garage door to complete the project. Remember, garage doors are the number one home renovation project in terms of ROI. Your investment should work out for you in the long run.

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