Elevate Your Home with Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors from The Door Company

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Elevate Your Home with Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors from The Door Company

When it’s time for a garage door upgrade, The Door Company, California’s premier garage door specialist, encourages homeowners to explore the contemporary elegance of aluminum and glass designs.

Today’s designers are innovating interior design with aluminum glass garage doors, allowing natural light into your space without compromising privacy. “Not only does a new garage door provide safe, secure, and easy access to your garage, but it also renews and refreshes your property’s overall appearance, especially if it can be seen from curbside, “said TDC President Mark Stuenkel. “For a sleek, translucent contemporary look, aluminum framed doors with opaque glass panels are hard to beat.”
There are many options available including:

  • Clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Mirrored Glass
  • Frosted Glass

Glass garage doors come in half inch insulated glass, to help save on energy bills in winter and summer. You can control the amount of light entering into your space by selecting a glass garage door with your desired amount of light control and privacy. The factory temper the glass to prevent it from shattering into fragments.
Aluminum garage doors come in many different colors and finishes. Choose from 200 powder coated colors and even faux wood stains and oil rubbed bronze. Aluminum glass garage doors are rust free to protect the home. Heavy duty vinyl seals are used at the bottom of the garage doors for increased protection.
“TDC has a variety of design options to consider and are happy to help provide advice regarding design and color choices,” said Stuenkel. “Our team of professional technicians installs all our garage doors, and we guarantee the quality of our work.”

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Trusted by contractors and homeowners alike, The Door Company (TDC) has been serving the state of California for over 30 years. Our IDEA-certified technicians can install and maintain every type of garage door and driveway gate in the market. TDC now has four offices located in Redding, Chico, Yuba City, and Stockton. We are considered one of the leading companies in our industry and strive to maintain our leadership.