The Door Company Explains How the Right Garage Door Can Save Homeowners Money

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The Door Company Explains How the Right Garage Door Can Save Homeowners Money

When it comes time to install a new garage door, the folks at The Door Company (TDC), California’s leading garage door, want you know that making a smart choice can save money on energy bills and avoid the hassle of continued maintenance.

“A garage door may be an afterthought, but choosing the right one is as important as the siding on your house or the type of windows you install, “said TDC President Mark Stuenkel. “Selecting a top quality, insulated garage door is a shrewd long term investment for your home.”
Older or poor quality garage doors can leak creating problems during both hot and cold months. Leaky doors tend to leave the garage either uncomfortably hot or cold, depending on the season; not only does this make the garage less usable for projects and storage, but it also increases energy bills.

The wall separating the interior of your home from the garage conducts heat both ways. During the summer, the hot air in the garage will make it harder for your air conditioning to keep your house cool, and likewise in winter cause your heater to click on more often. “A well-insulated garage door can save you at least $200-300 per year in energy costs, allowing the garage door to pay for itself within a few years,” said Stuenkel. “Also, whether your garage is heated or not, an insulated garage door increases usability of the space and moderates the temperature.”

A new garage door can also save you money on maintenance costs. Traditional wooden doors can dry out and crack if not maintained regularly. This is largely due to wood’s porous nature, which causes it to lose moisture in dry weather. “In California, this means you might need to paint more frequently than with steel doors,” said Stuenkel.

TDC’s steel garage doors are generally very durable, resist scuffs and cracking and are less affected by weather. Using galvanized steel door tracks means better corrosion resistance and quieter operation. While it’s still a good idea to do a garage tune up each year to keep things running smoothly, high end steel doors and tracks can reduce how much time and effort is involved in keeping it smooth, quiet, and running efficiently.


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