The Door Company Offers Attractive Security Grilles Providing Peace of Mind for Commercial Customers

The Door Company Offers Attractive Security Grilles Providing Peace of Mind for Commercial Customers

All retail shop and restaurant owners worry about after hours burglaries,
with some owners resorting to pricey security systems and unsightly iron bars to deter thieves.

Now, there is a new way that shop owners can defend their businesses without detracting from aesthetics — clear, aluminum security grilles from California’s leading garage door company – The Door Company (TDC).

TDC’s security grilles provide an array of attractive solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Clear aluminum finish grilles feature a durable anodized finish in a variety of patterns and optional colors. These grilles are designed to last and offer an optional electric motor for easy operation.

Security grilles are ideal for store front windows where aesthetics and security is a must. “We just finished a security grille project for a retail customer in Eureka,” said TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel. “This was a very precise installation due to the building overhangs and rock fascia on the front. The owner is very happy with the final product and knowing that he now he has protection from break-ins.”

Obviously, security grilles prevent easy entrance into the retail establishment but a large part of their effectiveness is psychological; burglars prefer to work quickly, quietly and avoid complications. Simply the sight of security grilles is enough to discourage the average thief.

“Windows are susceptible to break-ins,” said Stuenkel. “We would be happy to send out a service technician to inspect your business and discuss our comprehensive line of security grilles which offer both reliability and peace of mind.

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