5 Signs Indicating it Might Be Time for a New Garage Door

5 Signs Indicating it Might Be Time for a New Garage Door

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Your garage door may be one of your home’s most prominent, visible elements, presenting the opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal or, if it’s in bad shape, detract from your home’s appearance. That’s why The Door Company (TDC) — California’s leading garage door company – wants homeowners to recognize when their garage door has seen better days and it might be time to consider replacing it.

TDC has identified five key factors that can indicate it’s time to install a new garage door:

  1. Diminished Speed – No garage door will fly right open, however, you should notice a response without hesitation. If your garage door starts opening and closing much slower than it did when you first got it, or the reaction time is extremely delayed, it might mean you need a replacement.
  2. Increased Noise – Sudden sounds like grinding, crunching, grating, squeaking or banging can be a warning sign that it’s time for a garage door replacement. Sometimes increased noise can just mean a certain component needs a repair or replacement however properly functioning garage doors typically run smoothly and quietly.
  3. Safety Issues – Garage doors are heavy enough to cause someone serious injury if they slam shut unexpectedly. If you notice your door won’t close the entire way or that it doesn’t reverse when something triggers the sensor, it could be dangerous. Not only can a broken door harm your family, pets, and neighbors, but they can also make your home more vulnerable to break-ins.
  4. Unsightly Appearance – The look of your garage door can affect property values and curb appeal. If your garage door is old and worn out, it could be time to update your look. Today’s modern garage doors can enhance style and increase curb appeal; it’s important to find a style that matches the rest of your home and adds to its exterior beauty.
  5. Reduced Functionality – Wear and tear, dents and fading impact the garage door appearance over time. However, if your garage door breaks down a lot, and you find yourself constantly calling TDC for repairs, it’s probably time to consider a replacement unit. Plus, there are many cool new features and capabilities that you might enjoy with newer models offering the latest technology.

If you notice any of these problems, it might be time to contact the knowledgeable professionals at The Door Company. TDC will come out, inspect every component on the door and help you decide the next right course of action.

“Few home improvements can increase a home’s curb appeal as quickly and affordably as a new garage door. Garage doors have come a long way in recent years. Taking advantage of modern technologies, today’s doors are built of materials that look great and withstand the elements for many years with little maintenance.”

– TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel.

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