Specialized Commercial Garage Doors

Specialized Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and each type is designed to serve a specific purpose. Specialized commercial garage doors are tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of various industries and applications, providing added safety, security, and efficiency.

From fire-rated doors to cold storage doors, high-speed doors, and more, specialized commercial garage doors play a critical role in the daily operations of businesses and organizations across different sectors.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common types of specialized commercial garage doors and their key features so that you can make an informed decision regarding your business’s garage door needs. Let’s get started!”

The Door Company (TDC), California’s garage door installation and repair specialists has provided commercial property owners garage door products and services in Northern California for nearly 30 years. Business customers can choose from various commercial garage door products to fill any needs, from security to accessibility to decorative.

“When it comes to commercial garage doors, there are many options to choose from in various price ranges, “said TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel.  “The Door Company offers a guide on their website to help customers choose the right product based on budget, operational requirements and usage.

The Most Common Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Coiling Sheet Doors

    • Coiling sheet doors, also known as roll-up sheet doors or coiling steel doors, are a type of garage door that consists of narrow, horizontal steel slats that are hinged together. The slats roll up into a coil above the door opening when the door is opened and then unroll to close the opening when the door is closed. Coiling sheet garage doors are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, as they are durable, secure, and require minimal clearance above the door opening. They are also available in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to suit different needs and preferences.
  • Rolling Sheet Curtain Doors

    • Rolling sheet curtain doors, also known as rolling steel curtain doors or simply rolling doors, are industrial and commercial doors made of interlocking horizontal steel slats. These slats are connected by hinges and roll up into a coil above the door opening when the door is opened. The door is lowered to close the opening and secured by a bottom bar or locking mechanism. Rolling sheet curtain doors are known for their durability and security, making them popular in commercial and industrial settings. They are available in various materials, finishes, and sizes to accommodate different needs and specifications.
  • Rolling Counter Garage Doors

    • Rolling counter garage doors, also known as counter shutter doors or rolling shutters, are a type of garage door commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. These doors consist of interlocking horizontal slats or bars that roll up into a coil above the door opening when the door is opened. Rolling counter garage doors are typically made of steel or aluminum and are designed to provide security and protection against theft, vandalism, and weather damage. They are often used to secure counter openings, concession stands, kiosks, and other commercial spaces that require occasional access. Rolling counter garage doors are available in various colors, finishes, and sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

  • Hollow Metal Doors

    • Most commonly used on commercial building exteriors, hollow metal doors are available in steel and stainless steel and typically outlast their wood counterparts by over 10 years. Metal doors are better insulated, vandal resistant, and longer lasting than wood doors or fiberglass doors.
  • Fire-Rated Garage Doors

    • Fire-rated garage doors are garage doors that are designed to resist fire and prevent its spread between compartments, typically for a specified duration of time. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, as well as in multi-family residential buildings, to provide an added layer of safety and protection. Fire-rated garage doors are typically made of steel, aluminum, or other fire-resistant materials and are rated based on their ability to withstand fire, heat, smoke, and other elements. They are available in various styles and configurations to suit different needs and requirements, including insulation, windows, and security features. Fire-rated garage doors are subject to local building codes and regulations, and their installation and maintenance should be performed by trained professionals to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors

    • Featuring a variety of frame styles, glass types, colors and finishes,  sectional aluminum garage doors are available in clear/bronze/black anodize finishes, as well as a palette of nearly 200 powder-coated finish colors. Used in restaurants, cafeterias, fire stations and whenever light is a consideration.
  • High Speed Garage Doors

    • High-speed garage doors are mostly used in agriculture, food processing, material handling and other businesses, high speed doors are very specialized. TDC helps clients deal with their needs for high-speed garage door products.
  • Impact Traffic Doors

    • Typical usage of impact traffic doors are for forklift operations, restaurants, freezer/cooler, supermarket, etc. Whether the need is a restaurant, delivery, warehouse, pharmaceutical or another, TDC can provide the right door.

“Obviously commercial garage doors are highly specialized and require technical expertise when it comes to installation,” said Stuenkel. “My team at The Door Company has more than three decades of experience and helps our commercial clients with selection and installation.”

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