Tres Hombres Restaurant project in Chico

New fail-safe Cookson fire door witha dark brown finish at Billson Construction’s project for Tres Hombres Restaurant.

We’re excited to announce our latest project completion at Tres Hombres Restaurant in Chico, CA, in collaboration with Billson Construction—a fail-safe Cookson fire door installation that seamlessly integrates with the late 1800s construction while ensuring the safety of patrons and staff.

This project was the perfect challenge for us. We believe in preserving historical architecture whenever possible, and this was a great opportunity to do just that. The building itself has a rich history, dating back to the 1800s. We wanted to maintain the integrity of the beautiful archway while ensuring the restaurant was up to safety requirements. With the addition of a new banquet room, it became necessary to protect the main dining area with a four-hour fire wall. Our team meticulously planned and executed the installation process.

As a result, the banquet room opened on time, allowing Tres Hombres Restaurant to continue serving its guests with minimal interruption. With the installation of the fail-safe Cookson fire door, Tres Hombres Restaurant can now operate with enhanced safety measures in place. Patrons and staff alike can dine and work with confidence, knowing that their safety is prioritized without compromising the historical charm of the establishment.

At The Door Company, we take pride in our ability to blend functionality with aesthetics, and the project at Tres Hombres Restaurant is a testament to our commitment to excellence. If you’re in need of custom door solutions that prioritize both safety and aesthetics, contact The Door Company today. Let us help you protect your space while preserving its unique character.

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