The Door Company Boasts ‘IDEA’ Certification and Door Dealer Accreditation

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The Door Company Boasts ‘IDEA’ Certification and Door Dealer Accreditation

Accredited Door Dealer Seal - IDEA certified

The Door Company (TDC) in Northern California is a top garage door company. Their technicians hold certifications from the International Door Association (IDEA certified). Furthermore, TDC is recognized as an Accredited Door Dealer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. This prestigious accreditation signifies not only their commitment to excellence but also their dedication to upholding industry standards. In addition, it instills confidence in customers, assuring them of TDC’s expertise and reliability in the realm of door services.

Accreditation aims to enhance public safety and promote professionalism in the door, gate, and access system industry. It serves the public interest through education, accreditation, and certification.

“Whether you are buying a new garage door, or getting an existing door repaired, it is important to look for an accredited garage door dealer,” said TDC Founder and President, Mark Stuenkel. “There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who could do a shoddy repair or even create a dangerous situation with an improperly installed new door.”

The TDC Team – IDEA certified

TDC team members, experienced garage door professionals, are encouraged to keep learning and training, even those with decades of experience. “Our technicians are IDEA certified and our company has been accredited since 1997, which was the first year the testing was available,” said Stuenkel. “All of our accreditations and certifications must be renewed at least bi-annually with continuing education.”

Three lead technicians at TDC hold all five certifications: residential, commercial sectional, commercial rolling door, rolling fire, and automated gate. They were the first three technicians worldwide to hold these five certifications and two more have achieved “Master Tech” status.

IDEA fosters professionalism and high standards in the door and access systems industry through accreditation and certification. The International Door Association (IDEA) is dedicated to recognizing excellence in business practices. “I think it’s important for our customers to know that TDC takes the time and makes the effort to keep pace with industry standards,” said Stuenkel

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Trusted by contractors and homeowners alike, The Door Company (TDC) has been serving the state of California for over 30 years. Our IDEA-certified technicians can install and maintain every type of garage door and driveway gate in the market. TDC now has four offices located in Redding, Chico, Yuba City, and Stockton. We are considered one of the leading companies in our industry and strive to maintain our leadership.