Which Commercial Garage Door is Best for Your Business?

Which Commercial Garage Door is Best for Your Business?

If you are looking for a new commercial garage door for your business, there many factors to consider. What is the purpose of your door? Will you use it to store vehicles, load and unload equipment or is it just for foot traffic? Make sure you know exactly what types of features you need in order to choose the best commercial garage door for your business needs.

More than Just a Door

Other than its most obvious use, commercial garage doors provide many other benefits and features. First and foremost, they are a protective barrier for your business. They also allow natural light into your business and can aid in ventilation.

There are many types of commercial garage doors. They all are built with varying materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Each commercial garage door type has its own unique benefits and features that should be taken into consideration. Below are short descriptions of commercial garage doors you may come across.

Overhead Doors

empty garage with closed garage doors

One of the more popular options, overhead doors operate on a track or rail similar to residential garage doors. They are designed with long slats held together by hinges so that they can open and close more easily. The primary characteristic of overhead doors is that the door itself is parallel to the ceiling when open. They can be made of wood, metal, aluminum or even glass. Overhead doors can be operated manually or by a motor.

Typically, these doors are used for businesses like mechanic shops, fire stations, commercial garages and warehouses.

Coiling Doors

coiling door at a business facility

Also called roll-up doors, coiling doors “coil” up when lifted. The slats on these doors are thinner which allows the door to more easily roll up into a coil. They have the tendency to look more professional than other options due to its compact shape. These doors are attached to an inner wall assuring its security and sturdiness.

If you are lacking space, these doors may provide a solution. Coiling doors are common as security gates of storefronts.

Fire Doors
picture of a coiling fire door

Fire Doors operate in the same way as coiling doors. The primary difference maker for this type of door is that its primary purpose is protection. They provide much greater protection than coiled doors because they are made of thick, durable stainless steel that is fire resistant. These doors are also great for insulation and are noise resistant.

While this door seems like it may be large and stiff, fire doors can be created to fit any type of application and size. They are heavily used in warehouses, parking garages, mills and distribution centers. Fire doors also have an automated control that closes the door in the event of a fire. If you choose a fire door, make sure you certify your fire door annually to assure its working at peak efficiency.

High-Speed Doors

half closed brown garage door with someone working on the coil on a ladder.

If your business needs a door that can open and close quickly, a high-speed door might be what you need. These types of doors are typically built to withstand extreme weather and offer higher-level security than many other doors. Due to their ability to close quickly, they are great for keeping your inside facility warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

If you need energy efficiency and climate control in your facility, high-speed doors might be right for you. They are typically used for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Choose Wisely

You have many choices when looking at garage doors for your business. The choice of your commercial garage door should be tailored to your unique needs. If you are not sure which garage door is best for your business, talk to the certified professionals at The Door Company. The Door Company has over 30 years of experience pairing up business owners with commercial garage doors. Contact us today for all your commercial garage door needs.

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