Common garage door maintenance issues that leads to breakdowns

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Common garage door maintenance issues that leads to breakdowns

The Door Company (TDC), California’s garage door and gate installation and repair specialists, wants customers to know that regular garage door maintenance can help home and business owners avoid costly and inconvenient garage door failures.

Garage door springs

“While the physical sections of the garage door can last twenty year, the mechanical springs have a typical life cycle of just 3-4 years maximum,” said TDC President, Mark Stuenkel.  “Unless there is damage to the door, the other hardware can last as long as the external door sections with regular maintenance.”

Mark suggests that if the door appears to be struggling to open, check above the door to see if there is a broken spring (there will be a noticeable gap in the spring). If so, call a service technician immediately to avoid damaging the opener by pulling the door up and trying to hold the excess weight when closing. “If the springs are damaged, they should only be changed by experienced technicians,” said Mark.

Broken garage door motor

The most common reason than an automatic garage door opener will malfunction is motor failure.  The automatic opener must have both a contact and non-contact beam (also known as “eyes” that stream across the bottom of the door). If the eyes are knocked out of alignment, the opener will only close the door when the button is held continuously.

Garage door manufacturers typically honor their warranties based on annual maintenance. “There is nothing more inconvenient than to be leaving for work or a trip and find your garage door has broken down,” said Mark.  “We recommend having your door serviced and inspected every year.

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