Prevent Garage Door Break-ins with New Technology from The Door Company

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Prevent Garage Door Break-ins with New Technology from The Door Company

Smart Garage Opener

These days it is not only computers and cell phones that can be hacked; now thieves are finding ways to enter your home by hacking into your garage door opener. As one of Northern California’s leading garage door companies, The Door Company (TDC) would like to educate consumers about the steps they can take to protect their homes and prevent garage door break-ins.

Open your garage door with a mobile device

The days when an opener simply opens and closes your garage door are past; today’s garage door openers can now alert you on your mobile device when your door has been opened or closed, lockout transmitter use when you are on vacation, turn on your garage light and provide additional safety with contact and non-contact reversing devices.

“Unfortunately, many older garage doors use the fixed code system, which is not secure,” notes TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel. “We recommend searching the manufacturer and the model of your garage door opener to ensure that the remote uses rolling codes. If not, it is time for an upgrade.”

TDC provides garage door openers with rolling-code technology. The remote sends a new security code every time it’s used. Since there are over 100 billion codes, the likelihood of a code grabber working is very slim.

If you don’t yet have rolling code technology, TDC recommends the following safety tips:

  • When you’re away, unplug the garage door opener. Alternatively, use a vacation lock on the wall console switch if available.
  • Never leave the remote control in the car or with a parking attendant. Treat it like a house key.
  • Always lock the door from the garage to the inside of your home for greater safety and security.
  • Make sure to double-check and close your garage when locking your entry doors at night.
  • Most garage door systems have Wireless keypads. They activate the opener with a personal PIN. This allows family members to open the door without the use of a key or remote. Never disclose the PIN and change it occasionally.
  • Many security-minded homeowners use low-cost security cameras to record activity around their garages. Thieves, in particular, tend to avoid driveways with cameras. Additionally, a camera pointing their way signals trouble, prompting them to move on.
Thief breaking into garage
Person stealing from garage, surveillance camera view.
Thief caught on camera stealing from garage.
Another way garage break-ins occur is when a thief has the chance to steal the garage opener from your car.

“It’s just a matter of tracing your license plate or VIN number back to your address,” TDC President, President Mark Stuenkel. “That’s why you should never leave your garage door opener in plain sight and always lock your car door.”

If your remote opener is vulnerable, or if you’re looking to replace your garage door, contact The Door Company to find out more about the safety features built into new installations, including rolling code remote openers.
“Your garage door is a major point of access into your home, so it is essential to safety,” said Stuenkel. “We would be happy to send out a service technician to inspect your garage door for vulnerabilities and offer security advice.”

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