4 Ways to Protect Your Driveway Gate from Wildlife Damage

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4 Ways to Protect Your Driveway Gate from Wildlife Damage

monster claw scratches on metal wall or door background

The last thing you want after installing a new driveway gate is to have wild animals scratching at, soiling, or ruining it. If you live in an area with a lot of wildlife, your driveway gate, as well as the home it protects, may be at risk of being damaged by them. Here are four ways to protect your property and your driveway gate from wildlife damage.

Your Gate is an Investment

A driveway gate improves the look of your property and actually increases its value. Having wildlife slowly wear it down is not only bad for the gate, but it can hurt your property value. Maintaining the structural integrity, coloration and overall look of your driveway gate is paramount if you want to keep that luxury aesthetic.

Wildlife damage includes:

  • Claw marks
  • Chewed wires (for automatic gates)
  • Animal waste
  • Holed out areas being used for nests
  • Structural damage from larger animals

Types of Animal Deterrents

  • Plexiglas Barrier

    • Plexiglas can be added to your gate exterior providing a thick protective layer. Acrylic plastic, also known as Plexiglas, is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer which is similar in appearance to glass. However, it is much harder to break and can be frosted to improve the look. Its transparent nature makes it a perfect barrier to wildlife damage without losing the look that you originally wanted for your driveway gate.
  • Add Pickets to Driveway Gates

    • Pickets are vertical posts typical on many fences and even gate designs. If your gate has a lot of open space where animals could squeeze through, consider adding pickets to it. There are many gate designs to choose from that could be used to supplement your current design while protecting your property. If you know that your property or your neighborhood is overrun by wildlife, you may want to consider a picketed gate from the start.
  • Solid Front Design

    • Similar to the picket tactic, choosing a fully solid gate design that has no openings can also help keep critters out and deter larger animals from trying to push through it. It also adds more privacy and acts as a deterrent to unwanted human intruders.
  • Wire Mesh garden engaged in a fence of wire mesh to protect from wildlife damage

    • Welded wire mesh is a great way to keep animals from entering your property and getting aggressive with your gate. Wire mesh is fairly inexpensive, but it does detract from that luxury aesthetic.
    • Add wire mesh to an existing gate or build your entire gate out of the mesh. If you want to keep your gate looking pristine, you may want to go with Plexiglas, however, wire mesh can definitely get the job done on a budget.

Find a Quality Contractor for Gate Installation

If you are interested in augmenting your gate to keep animals out, you will want to choose a contractor with a lot of experience that is IDEA Certified and has Door Dealer Accreditation. The Door Company is a premier garage door and driveway gate company in California. Talk to a representative today!

Contact The Door Company

Trusted by contractors and homeowners alike, The Door Company (TDC) has been serving the state of California for over 30 years. Our IDEA-certified technicians can install and maintain every type of garage door and driveway gate in the market. TDC now has four offices located in Redding, Chico, Yuba City, and Stockton. We are considered one of the leading companies in our industry and strive to maintain our leadership.